We'll help you navigate
through the most important
factors for purchasing photography.


When starting a collection, we always ask the same question: 'What do you love? Which piece speaks to you?' Answer that and the rest will naturally follow. 

We've helped hundreds of individuals and companies create their own collection. We're here to help you navigate through the most important factors when purchasing photography; from the complexities of editioning and print processes, through to giving our expert advice on what makes each of our artists so significant. 

As experienced gallerists we can also advise on curating, framing and displaying your collection. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.



ElliottHalls Editions are a series of smaller format, affordable pieces, exclusive to the gallery- a perfect way to start your collection.

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Start collecting, spread the cost. As members of the KunstKoop scheme, you can purchase a number of our works on 0% interest finance.

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