Matthew Murray is a British photographic artist, who develops personal projects for exhibition and publication; alongside which he also produces work for high-end advertising campaigns and editorials. Murray's commercial work is paralleled by an on-going flow of personal projects collected and developed from everyday visual experiences and extensive travels. 

Matthew’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in both solo and group exhibitions, Arles Rencontre Arles Festival France, National Portrait Gallery, London, The New Art Gallery, Walsall, Unseen Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, The Photographers’ Gallery London, Paris Photo – Le Carrousel Du Loure, Paris, Gallery Vassie, Amsterdam, Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, Fotografie Museum, Berlin, Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur, Cologne. Recent projects include: 'Ska' published by Schilt Publishing 2013, 'Stripper' 2014 and 'Responding To A Landscape' ongoing published by Gallery Vassie Editions/Pirate, 2017.

The series 'Ska' published by Schilt Publishing in 2013, contains a series of striking portraits of hardcore Ska fans, that follow Ska music and regularly visit Ska clubs are not political, they just live for the music and quite simply love to dance.

The 'Stripper' 2014 Series stems from a chance encounter, by masking their physiques through a dark filter, Murray seemingly plays with the definition of their work—to maintain a seductive quality while baring it all. This also forces the viewer to stop for an in-depth stare to fully examine the details, only exacerbating the awkwardness the portraits innately project.

In 2015 Murray’s work documenting the British during the summer months titled ‘Pleasure in Leisure’ was published by Cafe Royal Books.

'Saddleworth: Responding To A Landscape' is Murray's latest ongoing series, which references pictorial landscape photography, showing both the vastness of landscape and the microscopic detail of vegetation and geology; with works that focus on light and texture and pay homage to Dutch seventeenth century landscape painting as well as in some cases appearing biblical and in others apocalyptic and other worldly.  This is a personal series of work, where there is no evidence of human intervention or presence but a relationship between photographer and landscape. 

There is an accompanying book ‘Saddleworth’ published by Gallery Vassie Editions (ElliottHalls previous name) which includes essays by Martin Barnes: Senior Curator of Photographs at The Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Maartje van den Heuvel: Curator of Photography and Media Culture, Leiden Institute, Leiden, The Netherlands and Artist Richard Billingham.

‘Saddleworth’ was showcased at mac, Birmingham alongside a symposium on Landscape photography in 2017, and at ElliottHalls Gallery in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2018.