British artist Sîan Bonnell works with found objects and household articles; placing them out of context within the rural and coastal environment where she lives, as well as constructing imagined landscapes in the studio. These interventions are then photographed as documents, not just of the object, but of an event.

Rather than seeking out distant high or lonely places which carry a sense of the exotic, spiritual or sublime, Bonnell is happy to work with familiar everyday objects in a mundane rural landscape. This undercutting of the rhetoric of romanticism is employed to comment on and create other fictions; landscapes of the imagination.

Her background is in sculpture and theatre design, having worked in fringe theatre on leaving art school before studying for an MA in Fine Art.

The work is primarily dealing with space. Emancipated from the familiar order of things, alienated from the domestic environment, Bonnell’s objects – jelly moulds, colanders, plates and glasses – are charged with an energy whose imaginary sources we can only guess at.