Sheila Rock was born in the USA and educated at Boston University and the London Film School. She has lived and worked in London since 1970. She became an influential force shaping the look of creative magazines like The FACE magazine. 

Her successful career covers a wide spectrum; photographing for the entertainment and music industry, where she is particularly famed for her powerful images recording the emergence and birth of Punk and New Wave music in the 1970s and 80s. Her editorial portrait and fashion work have appeared in numerous magazines, including: Time Magazine, Elle, Glamour, Rolling Stone, Architectural Digest, and the Sunday Times.

In the 90s Rock produced a personal series of strong black and white portraits of horses, with an unusual 19th century 'Carte de Visite' dignity about them. These were constructed as traditional studio portraits, but with the sitters being regal beasts.

Her book, Sera – the way of the Tibetan Monk – published in 2004, accompanied several exhibitions at The Photographers Gallery, London and the Palazzo Bricherasio Museum, Turin, Italy and The June Bateman Gallery, New York City. The Wereld Museum in Rotterdam exhibited the Sera Portraits in 2006. 

Images from the Sera series are in the permanent collection of the William Benton Museum of Art in Connecticut, USA. The Houston Fine Art Museum has acquired a Seascape portrait for their permanent collection. 

A number of Celebrity Portraits are in the National Portrait Gallery, London. 

‘Punk: a Document of Punk from 1976-1980’, is her second book and was released in 2013. 'Punk' has been exhibited in Tokyo, China, Singapore, London and Taiwan.

Rock's 'Tough and Tender' portraits was published in 2015 and has been exhibited throughout Europe.

Her portraits are included in the public collection at the National Portrait Gallery, London and Ralph Lauren Polo have a number of her Horse Portraits in their collection.