British photographer Michelle Sank’s was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She left there in 1978 and has been living in England since 1987. Her images reflect a preoccupation with the human condition and to this end can be viewed as social documentary.

Her work encompasses issues around social and cultural diversity.

‘Michelle Sank’s practice is concerned with the notion of encountering, collecting and retelling. She is interested in creating sociological landscapes, interplays of human form and location. The imagery in The Submerged was produced within Mid-Wales in the hilly and coastal areas around Aberystwyth, a town existing at the end of a railway line.

She was drawn towards a sense of grittiness within the geological and architectural fabric of the place, often mimicked in the dramatic landscapes and human performance within.’ - taken from ‘The Submerged’ book by Michelle Sank

The Submerged is Michelle Sank’s fifth book.

Sank has exhibited and published internationally, including The United Kingdom, The USA. Finland, Belgium, Germany, Canada, The Channel Islands, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong & The Netherlands.