ElliottHalls Gallery & FC Hyena Cinema are delighted to announce a screening of 'Partners' - in the company of its Director, world renowned photographer Henry Horenstein, who will give a short introduction to the film.

Documentary Directing Award: 'Partners' directed by Henry Horenstein

When? - 21.15 on Thursday 27th June
at FC Hyena Cinema Amsterdam Noord

'Partners' is a 78-minute film celebrating choices in relationships. Using a simple style and nuanced editing, the film presents 15 partners discussing the choices they’ve made - sometimes talking to each other and sometimes to the camera.

The interview subjects represent a spectrum from very long term relationships/marriages to transgendered and open relationships. Usually the subjects are a couple, but sometimes a single man (and his cat) and sometimes more (friends who marry to raise a child with a grown child). Other subjects include: a couple in an arranged marriage; two women who have lived together for 40 years as friends (not romantically); a couple of furries; and a woman and her cuckold husband, married for over 20 years.

We hear their stories, laugh and cry with them and generally agree that whatever works . . . works.