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Let it snow!

Born in France in 1894, Lartigue was a privileged child and using his father’s camera took his first photographs at the age of six. This was the beginning of what would become a lifelong diary, creating an enduring record of 20th century life. Lartigue obsessively photographed his family and friends, building up an extraordinary archive of photo-albums spanning 80 years, creating a unique and compelling record of an epoch.

This exhibition focuses solely on Lartigue’s magical winter photographs, which broadly depict his fascination with the joys of life. Both playing outside in the snow and cosying up inside in the warm. Many images depict the vast expanses of beautiful whiteness of the landscapes, where the beautiful and elite holiday in the snow, ice-skating, skiing and simply frolicking.

The world seen through his resolutely optimistic lens, is one of pleasure, leisure and great style. Lartigue is considered by many to be one of the greatest photographers of the 20th Century, and for someone who never intended his photographs to be exhibited, they have quite rightly become the absolute last word in French style, glamour and luxury.

The key to Lartigues images, characterised by a keen eye for composition, was a clear passion for his subjects, and an ability to create timeless photographs from the most fleeting of moments.

Today the Lartigue name is now synonymous with quality and commands the highest respect. His work continues to be exhibited extensively internationally, with countless solo exhibition in institutions & museums worldwide.

This is the third exhibition of Lartigue’s images at Gallery Vassie, the first being ten years ago in 2004. If any one can make winter seem happy, Lartigue can!

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