Antoni and Alison are perhaps most famous for their work as the successful British Women’s Wear Design duo. The wit and humour evident in their photographic work is carried from their irreverent approach to Fashion.

Their photographs explore the relationships between oddly juxtaposed objects and images that would never otherwise have existed together. Often the resulting image contains a strong element of humour completely unrelated to it’s component parts, but produced as a result of the amalgamation of the two.

“We are about putting together two things that should never meet. They
shouldn’t work or fit, but once you place them there, somehow they do.”

In these photographs, the status of the ‘prop’ carefully selected to become the focus of the image has been elevated to that of ‘Object D’Art’. The ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ features a specifically arranged selection of these items, their new status as Fine Art objects reflected in the manner in which they are displayed, much in the way that ‘trophy’ items were exhibited by their privileged owners in the ‘Curiosity Cabinets’ that were highly fashionable in the 19th century.

The designers/photographers have most recently exhibited their photographic works at "The House of Mr. And Mrs. Antoni and Alison", London, in an exhibition curated in conjunction with The Photographer’s Gallery; and in their second solo show at Gallery Vassie, Amsterdam. Their photographic work is featured in the permanent collections of the Huis Marseille Institute for Photography, Amsterdam; in the Citibank Collection, London, and exists as part of a ‘Living Archive’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum.